Menez Playlist 08 by Sofia Amaral Coelho

Menez Playlist 08 by Sofia Amaral Coelho

"New and old favorites, from far and near. Starts off pretty chill, has a little up moment midway, and finishes off smooth again."

Listen to Sofia's playlist for Menez here!


Sofia is a pocketrocket, a woman of splendid taste and non-negotiable attitude, fills every room she's in without saying a word. We LOVE her, one of the first supporters of Menez and the biggest "THEN LET'S DO IT". Full of humor and joy, always with the best tips for were to go and where to be.

With us being number one fans of Sofia, we asked her a couple of quick-fire questions. Shooting from the hip, as we always do.

What lyrics are you screaming in the shower? Drunk in Love by Beyoncé. Blame my boyfriend.

What’s your latest new skill? Sampling, criticizing ramen, and learning all about them.

What was your first job?
I was a film production assistant.

What do you give as a thank you?
Either a plant or food.

Which song do you listen alone?
Meditation by Greentea Peng.

Which song is an instant mood booster for you?
Te Pongo Mal by Kali Uchis.

Weirdest app on your phone.
Joule, my sous-vide app.

Guilty pleasure of the moment.
Being carefree and not doing much.

Something good to have around. An Aeroccino and a moka pot.

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