Menez Playlist 09 by Giovana Matsuda

Menez Playlist 09 by Giovana Matsuda

( re·que·brar )

verbo transitivo
1. Mover de forma lânguida, lasciva ou sensual (ex.: requebrar o corpo ao andar).
2. Tentar conquistar alguém, sendo muito amável. = CORTEJAR, GALANTEAR, NAMORAR"

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She's everywhere, from the ad on your tv to the coolest gallery in town.
You just can't be indifferent to her. A woman of splendid beauty and brains. Matsuda's architectural background comes to shine as a base for her paper folding sculptures. We are amazed by her every day. Now, so will you.

You just quit your job what song are you listening to? Nem vem que não tem - Wilson Simonal

What lyrics are you screaming in the shower? Gostosa posturada - Slipmami, rafu

What’s your latest new skill? Confront and negotiation

What was your first job? My father had a photography shop for 30 years so my first job was to take documents pictures of others on those cute cabins

What do you give as a thank you? Tears and a hug

Which song do you listen alone? Mun Rá - Sabotage

Which song is an instant mood booster for you? Bam Bam - Sister Nancy

Weirdest app on your phone. RAYA

Guilty pleasure of the moment. Danete de chocolate

Something good to have around. A daruma with only one eye painted

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